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This Gave Me a Smile :)

I’m working on updating my Etsy page with some of my new items and just saw that I was featured in another Etsy user treasury! Take a look at Alternative Blooms’ list Chocolate Sky. Christmas IS coming, you know….


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Oh, and How Cool is This?

I just saw that I was featured in my first Etsy user treasury! It’s always pretty awesome when someone adds your item to their favorite list, but setting up a treasury and including you feels extra special :) Check out Baby Boy Blue from Kateeskreations: lots of cute suggestions. Shop on!

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Pickled Red Cabbage: Recipe!

So I decided to make grilled fish tacos for dinner the other day, and I realized they would be, well, pretty boring without some crunch. And since I am neither frying the fish or throwing glass shards around my kitchen (we had enough of that when the pyrex pie plate committed hari-kari by jumping out of the top shef of the upper cabinet a few weeks ago), I needed to add something.

Enter the seemingly unnaturally bright – but entirely natural, I promise – magenta pickled red cabbage. I loosely consulted a few recipes I randomly found, then made my own up with what I had in my pantry. Full disclosure: sometimes these Frankenrecipes I come up with don’t always pan out, but this one totally did. So you, dear readers, reap the benefits. Enjoy!

1C water
1C apple cider vinegar
1/2C red wine vinegar
1/4C sherry vinegar
1/2C sugar
1/2 average sized red cabbage
2 big pinches of Kosher salt OR 1 big pinch of regular iodized salt

Prep/cook – 15 min
Rest – 1 hr

1 – Slice the half-cabbage into half again, for 2 quarters.
2 – Shred by nethod of choice. I used the mandoline, mainly because I hardly get to and also, it looks like the cabbage is wearing a hat when you use the finger guard, which is fun. You can use a food processor for tinier chopped bits, chop by hand; it all depends on what texture you are going for.
3 – Rinse and drain under cold water.
4 – Put into glass bowl or container. You’ll see I used two containers as my big one was still in the dishwasher. Don’t judge.
5 – Prep all other ingredients.
6 – Combine all but the cabbage in a saucepan and heat until just boiling and the sugar has fully dissolved.
7 – Empty liquid into container, making sure cabbage is covered as best as possible.
8 – Stir to encourage complete coverage; rest until cool and refrigerate for at least an hour.
8 – Nom nom nom. If not right away, within a week.

Awesome photo of the process:

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