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JennySold Designs at the Punk Rock Flea Market

Awesome news: JennySold Designs is going to have a table at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly on Sunday, May 13! The $3 entry fee goes to support R5 Productions, a Philadelphia music promotion agency that puts on all-ages shows in the city’s smaller and medium-sized venues. Vendors will be selling anything from their used goods flea market style, homebaked treats, handmade crafts and jewelry, music, and artwork. There really are a variety of things to look at, some great one-of-a-kind products and an overall good time to be had.

From R5 Productions:
PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET / PHILADELPHIA RECORD RIOT – This Sunday May 13th from 10am to 5pm. We have expanded to TWO buildings at 9th & Spring Garden Sts. “The Punk Rock Flea Market Dome” hosts 250+ tables of various vendors selling everything from old furniture to instruments to vintage clothes to laptops and bicycles. Across the street at The Starlight Ballroom we have over 50 record dealers selling their findings from all over the east coast. We also have six food trucks and loads of other small food companies, a full bar at The Starlight and a couple thousand people throughout the day. It’s by far the most positive and fun event of the year. A $3 admission donation gets you into both events / buildings all day long (re-entry is cool!) . The best part is – the proceeds from the flea market help us keep up with insurance, maintenance, and other weirdo costs from doing shows in some weird spaces.

I will be selling posters, totes, wristlets, scarves, pacifier clips, headbands, and whatever else I can sew up before then. The posters and butterfly totes are also currently for sale on my Etsy page; sewn items will be up on Etsy after the market.

Event Information:
461 N. 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19123
May 13, 2012
10am – 5pm


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Kiddie Rock Posters

One of the first ideas I had awhile ago before I went on my creative own was inspired by a speaker at a graphic design conference whose talk was about selling your product. I went in there thinking I would get some tips on how to open an Etsy store and instead found a discussion on wholesale manufacturing, getting your items in retail stores, start-up costs, etc. It was pretty inspiring, and although I was not necessarily ready for that level of commitment at the time, it did spur me to start sketching out some ideas for something I could sell, something I didn’t think there were too many versions of already out there. I mean, I know the chances of my product being the only thing in its category are slim, but I also didn’t want to just make another feathered headband collection. Do you know how sometimes, ideas just come to you, how you just can “see” them in your head faster than you can get them down on paper? I have a hard time explaining it to people alot of the times, but I know there are those of you out there who understand so I will just pretend this all makes complete and perfect sense to you.

Anyway, Mr. Jennysold and I have all these screenprinted rock posters decorating our house from different shows we have been to. His favorite is this neon fright from a Hot Snakes show in Philly, mine is the requisite (for me) Pearl Jam representative Eddie Vedder solo show poster from the Tower Theater. These prints are in every room of the house except the upstairs bathroom and the soon-to-be nursery. I really like them: they’re not cheap and shiny catalogs of sex positions as illustrated by bathroom silhouettes, or Scarface, or anything you may have kept from your dorm room. They’re actual pieces of art; graphic designs that are colorful and interesting decor. So I thought, hey, I have alot of pregnant friends with the same sensibilities as Mr. Jennysold and I that are looking for something different for their nurseries. What about posters that echoed the style and personalities of real show prints?

After I got back from this conference there the idea sat until I we found out we (well, I – Mr. Jennysold sure isn’t carrying this wee one himself) were going to be parents. As with most big events in my life, the first thing I think about is what kind of project I get to do now. My wedding invites were designed way before we had everything else sorted out. So, naturally, I find out I’m going to pop out a kid and the first thing I think of is how to decorate the nursery. Ooh! I have these posters I was going to do!

Since screenprinting was cost-prohibitive, and I didn’t want to work with the chemicals for the next few months, I designed them to look a little roughed up and imperfect then had them printed professionally. There are now four designs up for sale on Etsy, and more are in development. The current themes are numbers, colors, the alphabet, and fruits & veggies. Designed to be colorful and eye-catching for infant eye development, they are also educational for toddlers. I can see them in playrooms, schools, daycares: anywhere kid-centric, really.

To buy:
Countup, Countdown: The Numbers
A to Z: I’m Alphabetting on It!
Surrounded by Rainbows: Color’s Greatest Hits
Fruit & Veggie: Live!


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