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Pickled Red Cabbage: Recipe!

So I decided to make grilled fish tacos for dinner the other day, and I realized they would be, well, pretty boring without some crunch. And since I am neither frying the fish or throwing glass shards around my kitchen (we had enough of that when the pyrex pie plate committed hari-kari by jumping out of the top shef of the upper cabinet a few weeks ago), I needed to add something.

Enter the seemingly unnaturally bright – but entirely natural, I promise – magenta pickled red cabbage. I loosely consulted a few recipes I randomly found, then made my own up with what I had in my pantry. Full disclosure: sometimes these Frankenrecipes I come up with don’t always pan out, but this one totally did. So you, dear readers, reap the benefits. Enjoy!

1C water
1C apple cider vinegar
1/2C red wine vinegar
1/4C sherry vinegar
1/2C sugar
1/2 average sized red cabbage
2 big pinches of Kosher salt OR 1 big pinch of regular iodized salt

Prep/cook – 15 min
Rest – 1 hr

1 – Slice the half-cabbage into half again, for 2 quarters.
2 – Shred by nethod of choice. I used the mandoline, mainly because I hardly get to and also, it looks like the cabbage is wearing a hat when you use the finger guard, which is fun. You can use a food processor for tinier chopped bits, chop by hand; it all depends on what texture you are going for.
3 – Rinse and drain under cold water.
4 – Put into glass bowl or container. You’ll see I used two containers as my big one was still in the dishwasher. Don’t judge.
5 – Prep all other ingredients.
6 – Combine all but the cabbage in a saucepan and heat until just boiling and the sugar has fully dissolved.
7 – Empty liquid into container, making sure cabbage is covered as best as possible.
8 – Stir to encourage complete coverage; rest until cool and refrigerate for at least an hour.
8 – Nom nom nom. If not right away, within a week.

Awesome photo of the process:


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Off We Goooo, Into the Something Something Sommmmmmething…..

So yesterday – the hottest day in Philadelphia this year, or so it seemed – my brother-in-law reenlisted into the USAF, and I had the privilege of sweating my ass off photographing the event at the Art Museum Steps. It may well be the reason I hardly went up in weight at my prenatal appointment this morning – I steamed off some fat. Bonus! Anywhoo, below is a selection from the morning.

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It’s pretty craptastic outside here today: rainy, damp and cloudy. But not the kind of super-pouring-rainy that makes you want to curl up inside with something cozy to do, like watch Sister Wives or bake something which you subsequently overeat. It’s just enough to make you want to stand at the kitchen counter watching YouTube videos while nomming a few cookies before the boredom moves in (which is usually between 5-10 minutes). So, to remedy this – and also in honor of the fact that we go to Maui via Seattle (yes, The Sunshine City, I know) in 9 days – I’ve decided to go into the archives and post a few pics from our ’09 honeymoon to Hawaii. Don’t worry, I’m not going to innundate you with smushyface lovey-dovey pics, because it’s hard to have alot of those when you’re the one taking the photos. And besides, Mr. Jennysold would probably kill me. Anyway…..


USS Arizona Memorial. Reflective. Quiet. No pearls.


The North Shore. Not included: the awesome Matsumoto Shave Ice


We live right around a sub-area of our town called Manoa. Found this on the Manoa Falls hike and wanted to put it on our bathroom door at home. On right: the official Charmin of the Manoa House Toilet.


“WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. This hike will kill you.”


Early on in the Road to Hana. This is some straight-up right-outta-Lost shit right here. Note the opening to one of the hatches on the left.


More randomness from the Road to Hana.


Old Lahaina luau


Nighttime glow

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