I store bins of miscellaneous unused craft materials in my office closet just in case I have an idea. Excited about going to Ikea as a kid before I even knew what it was, I loved the simple, bold signage and the “exotic items” the Swedish goods shop. If I could, I would travel endlessly, with my husband to keep me company and my camera glued to my face. I have too many hobbies and a shelf full of books that I still need to read because they looked too interesting to pass up before I finished those I already had.

in July 2011, I started working full-time on personal pursuits that I’ve always wanted to explore after deciding that the corporate design world – and the corporate world in general – just weren’t for me. After some travel, post-flood house reconstruction, and learning that I’m going to be a mom in September 2012, I’m finally opening up my shop. A visual person who enjoys creating things that are useful and unique, I hope you find these items as fun and functional as I do.


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