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Flea Market Recap

Hi All!

Mr. Jennysold and I are getting settled back at home – whew! – after a long day of Punk Rock Flea Marketing and a celebratory/Mother’s (to-be!) Day dinner. It was tons of fun: sold some, learned some, made alot of people smile with the Kiddie Rock Posters. Stuff I figured out while there:

– Don’t forget to bring a table cloth of some sort (like I did).
– Vertical elements to your display will bring the eye in a little more.
– Folded scarves don’t look as, well…. scarf-like. Must get styrofoam head to demo one on. They sell those somewhere, right?
– The posters got alot of attention, and I need to branch out the concept (which I will be very soon! Already have ideas….)

All in all, a very positive first show ever experience. And, as promised, hand-sewn items will be up for sale in a day or two, so look out for those on Etsy!


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Hello everyone!

So hello everyone! Here we are. Where do I begin? With how I got here, I guess.

In July 2011, after 10 years of the in-house graphic design world and deciding that the corporate life wasn’t for me, I started working full-time on personal pursuits that I’ve always wanted to explore. A few big events later –  a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia and New Zealand, four months of post-flood house reconstruction, and learning that I’m going to be a mom in September 2012 – I’m finally working in earnest on opening up my Etsy craft shop. That is, as soon as I finish developing a cache of items so it doesn’t look like I am just selling one thing. A one-item Etsy shop just seems so sad somehow, like the lone dude at the bar sitting there with a lukewarm Bud Light and some Marlboros in a wrinkled softpack poking out of the shirt pocket of his 1990’s red and black flannel. I’ll be showcasing the items on this site – because what else is the internet for but to sell someone awesome something just as awesome?

So, tell you a little bit more about me, you ask? Why, of course. Happy to oblige ma’am – or sir –  *tips hat*.

  • I store bins of miscellaneous unused craft materials in my office closet just in case I have an idea.
  • I was overly excited about going to Ikea as a kid because I loved the simple, bold signage and the “exotic items” the Swedish goods shop. Lingonberry soda? How worldly!
  • If I could, I would travel endlessly, with my husband to keep me company and my camera glued to my face.
  • I have a shelf full of books and about 23 more waiting on the Kindle that I still need to read because they looked too good to pass up before I finished those I already had.
  • I have trouble following the authoritative direction of a recipe. I know what a half-teaspoon looks like. I think. I do, however, write some very good ones myself. Go figure.
  • I’m probably the only person you will ever know that loves airports.

I’m planning for this site to have a little bit of everything, with the main focus being crafts, cooking, photography and design – basically, anything about making something with your own two hands. Or, really, with mine, since I will be doing the posting. I hope that you find it all interesting, funny, creative, helpful, and entertaining. Comments, discussions viewpoints and questions will always be welcome. Unless of course you’re one of those people who trolls for arguments out of boredom. Because that’s just uncool, man.


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