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New Items Now Up on JennySold Designs

And, as promised, we present…..

*drum roll*

… Hand sewn items now up on Etsy! There are headbands, totes, pacifier clips (featuring my adorable nephew, James – you’ll have to go check out his modeling debut) and a purse. I think I’m going to hold onto the scarves for a bit until it becomes a little chillier out. I think the last thing people will buy in June/July is something to keep them warmer. Then again, you never know. I did see an eccentric relative help my father build a shed in 90 degree heat while wearing both a turtleneck and scarf…

A few of my fave items (though of course, everything I put up for sale I love):
Owl Be Seeing You Purse
Infinite Spring Tote
Honeycomb Forest Pacifier Clip


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Flea Market Recap

Hi All!

Mr. Jennysold and I are getting settled back at home – whew! – after a long day of Punk Rock Flea Marketing and a celebratory/Mother’s (to-be!) Day dinner. It was tons of fun: sold some, learned some, made alot of people smile with the Kiddie Rock Posters. Stuff I figured out while there:

– Don’t forget to bring a table cloth of some sort (like I did).
– Vertical elements to your display will bring the eye in a little more.
– Folded scarves don’t look as, well…. scarf-like. Must get styrofoam head to demo one on. They sell those somewhere, right?
– The posters got alot of attention, and I need to branch out the concept (which I will be very soon! Already have ideas….)

All in all, a very positive first show ever experience. And, as promised, hand-sewn items will be up for sale in a day or two, so look out for those on Etsy!

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Reminder: JennySold Designs at the Punk Rock Flea Market

Just a reminder: JennySold Designs is going to have a table this weekend at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly on Sunday, May 13! Come check us out if you’re in the area!

Event Information:
461 N. 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19123
May 13, 2012

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