I made a diaper bag!

So, in doing my babystuff research (of which there has been alot), I’ve found that diaper bags are expensive! Very cute, but very expensive. Also, the supercute ones tend to be less, how should we say, “Dad-friendly”. I’m loving the pink and flowered ones, but I’m guessing Mr. Jennysold will not want to be caught carrying them around. And the gender neutral ones are, well… boring. Then I thought, “hey, I have a stash of fabric I bought for “something baby” that I want to use, and just got some nice green outdoor home decor fabric that should hold up well against the elements – I’ll just make my own.

The criteria for me was gender neutral in style, usability past it’s diaper-bag life, and easy to put together. After looking around for patterns, I came across this free one on “A Mingled Yarn”. It’s a messenger bag style, easily adaptable should you choose (I removed the side pouches and padded the strap), and provided me the opportunity to make “covertly cute” which I did by lining the bag with the fabric I’ve been hoarding. There are owls on this bag somewhere, but don’t worry Mr. Jennysold – no one will ever know but you and I. :)

I also made a travel changing pad with a cover that includes a pouch for a few diapers and wipes using the same fabric. My only adaptations were laminating my own fabric instead buying one premade, and skipping the bias tape on the edges of the pad because the interfacing I used made it a but thick and I thought the tape wouldn’t look quite right. Apologies for not having the link to the pattern used; It’s on the iPad somewhere; I will update this post with the link as soon as I find it. Find the link, not the iPad. If I lost my iPad, I think I would go into mourning…


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